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Mike Weber's Column

Mike Weber began his journey with Linux with Red Hat 5.2 and was immediatley excited about the power of Linux networking. His background as a Master Certified Novell Engineer provided a base for developing networks with each Red Hat version and now Fedora. He has helped develop Linux Terminal Servers for school districts in an effort to provide powerful low-cost computer networks.

He is currently a Linux network administrator/trainer and continues to add to the 5000 pages of Linux Training for, a site that he owns. He has just finished writing a book on OpenOffice 1.1.

Geographical Location: Montana, United States

2004-05-04 HOWTO: rsnyc Quick backUp


2004-04-10 TUTORIAL: Fedora Core 2 Install

2004-02-01 TUTORIAL: K3B - Burn CDs and DVDs

Network File System:

2004-01-18 HOWTO: NFS: Introduction
2004-01-18 HOWTO: NFS: Advantages/Disadvantages


2004-01-18 HOWTO: OpenOffice: Calc - Apply a Theme to a Spreadsheet
2004-01-18 HOWTO: OpenOffice: Calc - Create a Sum
2004-01-18 HOWTO: OpenOffice: Writer - Convert Word Files
2004-01-16 HOWTO: OpenOffice: Database - Create a Database in 5 Minutes
2004-01-16 HOWTO: OpenOffice: Calc - Rotate 3D Charts
2004-01-15 HOWTO: OpenOffice: Draw - Crop Images with Shapes
2004-01-14 TUTORIAL: OpenOffice: Writer - Create a New Page Style
2004-01-13 HOWTO: OpenOffice: Calc - Merge Cells
2004-01-13 HOWTO: OpenOffice: Writer - Crop an Image
2004-01-13 HOWTO: OpenOffice: Writer - Vertical Text
2004-01-13 HOWTO: OpenOffice: Optimize Resources