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OpenOffice: Calc: Rotate 3D Charts

by Mike Weber

3 Dimensional charts can add a lot to the impact of a presentation and they are easy to create.

When you start working with 3D the first consideration should be about how much RAM your computer has as 3D will take a lot of resources to setup. If you are having problems with slow performance go to Optimize Resources which discuses how to increase performance.

By choosing Format on the Menu bar and then Chart type you will have a choice if you would like to create 2D or 3D charts.

Choose 3D and your chart will be transformed into a 3D chart.

You can rotate your 3D chart by clicking on the chart and rotate tool will show with lines defining the rotation. Notice the red dots are actually rotation points that you may use to create the rotation effect.

Rotate the chart to the desired position and and then let go of the click and your new chart will be visible.