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OpenOffice: Calc - Create a Sum

by Mike Weber

Creating a sum of numbers is a basic skill that every user will need to be able to perform. In OpenOffice Calc the procedure is somewhat different than in Microsoft Excel.

Create a list of numbers and place them in cells. For this example we have created a busget and a lis tof expenses in cells C3 to C9. Now, create a sum of all expenses, by clicking on the cell just below the numbers in column C and clicking the sum button on the Formula Bar.

You will see the formula =sum(C3:C9) which adds the numbers in cells C3 to C9, giving you a total. You can modify the formula in the Formula Bar window if you want to make changes.

Once you see the formula (=SUM(C3:C9) you can hit enter and the sum will be created. An alternative is to click on the green check mark in the formaul bar which will do the same thing.

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