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OpenOffice: Writer - Convert Files from Word

by Mike Weber

One aspect of moving to a new Office Suite is the ability to convert back and forth between files from a different Office Suite, Microsoft Office for example. This conversion process is simple and quick to perform.

One thing you need to understand about files whether they are Microsoft Word or OpenOffice Writer, they all have file extensions. A file extension is a three letter extension that is preceded by a .dot and the file name, example: mypaper.doc --- this is a Word document (.doc) mypaper.sxw --- this is a Writer document (.sxw) The extension is used by a program for information about how the document was created. Each file has an extension. This means that when you save a file you need to know what kind of file you really want to create. Or, if the file is already created, which word processor was used.

Opening a Microsoft Word Document in Writer Let's say you have a Word document that you have created at your home computer called work.doc. This file you have saved to a floppy and the next day you take it to work where you are only using OpenOffice Writer. Here is a step by step process for opening that file:

Open on a Linux Machine 1.Insert the Floppy and mount it with this command, mount /mnt/floppy/ 2.Start OpenOffice Writer and then choose File from the Menu Bar, locate the file on the floppy drive in /mnt/floppy and Open. Notice that here the document is ina folder called "Writer" on the floppy drive. Notice that the Files of type are only Word docs and only one is listed. Click on it and it's opened.

Open on Windows Machine with OpenOffice 1. Put floppy in drive A: 2. Start OpenOffice Writer and open the A: drive and browse 3.Click on the file and open it.

Saving a File Created in Writer as a Word Document Create your document then choose File/Save and you have options as to what format, or file extension you want to use. If you are returning home with your document you want to save it as a Word document so you can use it with Word at home. Choose Microsoft Word document and save it to your floppy. Notice that even Word has several versions so you will need to choose between Word 6.0, Word 95 or Word 97/2000/XP.

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