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Fedora Tips

by Krishnan Subramanian

This section will provide you quick tips related to Fedora. It may be something very trivial or something not so obvious. This is not a substitute to the documentation but just a quick tip like that is available in some software. If you have an exciting tip to share with the Fedora community, please send it through email and if it is accepted, it will be published in this section along with the name of the person who submitted it. Please note that you should add a short title for the tip while sending tips. If you don't send in the tip with title, we will add a suitable title. Also please note that I may not be able to verify some of the tips. If you find any mistake in the tips, please send me an email.

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2004-04-06 Fedora Tips #52: Installing Gimp 2.0 on Fedora Core 1
2004-04-06 Fedora Tips #51: Unreal Tournament UT2004 DEMO for Linux
2004-03-08 Fedora Tips #50: Start New Session with Fedora and KDE 3.2
2004-03-07 Fedora Tips #49: Mozilla with Evolution as your mail client
2004-02-19 Fedora Tips #48: Enabling remote X server access
2004-02-19 Fedora Tips #47: Check your network's connection speed
2004-02-19 Fedora Tips #46: Auto login with KDM
2004-02-16 Fedora Tips #45: Differentiating various terminals using colors
2004-02-15 Fedora Tips #44: Using 8 in 1 USB reader in Fedora Box
2004-02-15 Fedora Tips #43: Handy trick while using yum
2004-02-11 Fedora Tips #42: Perl CPAN modules via apt
2004-02-11 Fedora Tips #41: ASUS P4 P800/C800 with 1Gbit ethernet adapter from 3Com
2004-02-11 Fedora Tips #40: Automount USB drive in Gnome
2004-02-10 Fedora Tips #39: Use convert command for quick thumbnails
2004-02-10 Fedora Tips #38: Initial settings for your users
2004-02-06 Fedora Tips #37: Change from GDM to KDM
2004-02-02 Fedora Tips #36: Disable tab completion beep
2004-02-02 Fedora Tips #35: Automounting USB flashdrive - Another approach
2004-01-29 Fedora Tips #34: List of XDMCP servers
2004-01-28 Fedora Tips #33: Customizing Ctrl-Alt-Del
2004-01-28 Fedora Tips #32: How to switch terminals
2004-01-27 Fedora Tips #31: Upgrading OpenOffice from RHL9 to FC1
2004-01-27 Fedora Tips #30: Automounting USB flashdrive on Fedora Box
2004-01-26 Fedora Tips #29: Mounting ISO images on your Fedora box
2004-01-25 Fedora Tips #28: Using USB flashdrive with Fedora Core 1
2004-01-23 Fedora Tips #27: Reinstall GRUB or LILO after a Windows install
2004-01-23 Fedora Tips #26: Bash 'for' loop to automate a procedure
2004-01-23 Fedora Tips #25: Compatibility library for Lotus Domino 6.x
2004-01-22 Fedora Tips #24: Compatibility library for Mozilla flashplayer plugin
2004-01-22 Fedora Tips #23: "CC mismatch" error when installing NVidia driver
2004-01-22 Fedora Tips #22: Python 2.3.2 for Fedora
2004-01-22 Fedora Tips #21: Lossless rotation with JPEG camera image
2004-01-21 Fedora Tips #20: Start/restart/stop system service
2004-01-21 Fedora Tips #19: Set default runlevel with boot loader
2004-01-21 Fedora Tips #18: Unmount a busy device (floppy/CDROM)
2004-01-19 Fedora Tips #17: Connect Fedora computer to PalmOS device
2004-01-19 Fedora Tips #16: TG3 driver (Broadcom chip) for Cisco VPNclient
2004-01-19 Fedora Tips #15: Erase a whole line when typing passwords
2004-01-19 Fedora Tips #14: Clean /tmp contents at shutdown
2004-01-19 Fedora Tips #13: Search for a string in many files
2004-01-15 Fedora Tips #12: Share your Internet connection
2004-01-14 Fedora Tips #11: Samba daemon's virtual memory requirement
2004-01-14 Fedora Tips #10: Install Fedora on ReiserFS or JFS
2004-01-10 Fedora Tips   #9: Samba configuration file
2004-01-08 Fedora Tips   #8: Print pages with margin for hole punch
2004-01-08 Fedora Tips   #7: Use ImageMagick to rotate/fix many images
2004-01-08 Fedora Tips   #6: Display all logging on a virtual console
2004-01-08 Fedora Tips   #5: Temporarily backup then restore files
2004-01-08 Fedora Tips   #4: Setup reminder from command line
2004-01-08 Fedora Tips   #3: Setup KDE clocks with different timezones
2004-01-08 Fedora Tips   #2: List installed RPM packages sorted by size
2004-01-08 Fedora Tips   #1: Specify desktop

Thanks to Scott Weikart for arranging the Tips Index.