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Thomas Chung's Column

Thomas Chung is a Linux enthusiast since year 2000. He's currently a full time software engineer working at a top 100 IT company in Fortune 500 in US. He's also involved in Open Webmail Project as a site manager and RPM build maintainer. His personal project has been providing a community service as a Fedora Core Media Vendor for Fedora Project since November of 2003. Here is an archived message from the early days of the Fedora Project.

Geographical Location: California, United States

2005-06-05 Open Source Foundations
2005-05-19 How to build an Open Source PC Emulator QEMU RPM for FC3
2005-05-14 Dual-Boot Installation with Windows and Fedora Core 3
2005-05-11 UPDATE - Heanet problems with DAG Repository
2005-05-10 About Fedora Core 4 Test 3
2005-05-09 How to build Firefox 1.0.4 RPM from Nightly Build
2005-05-08 How to build custom JRE RPM for FC3
2005-05-06 DAG Repository Issue (Heanet corruption problems)
2005-05-06 How to create mini kickstart CD for FC3
2005-04-30 Installing XFCE Desktop Environment in FC3
2005-04-21 How to block Spam using DNSBL
2005-04-12 QuickTime Movie Playlist for Totem
2005-04-12 Adobe Releases Adobe Reader 7.0 GM for Linux
2005-04-11 About Fedora Core 4 Test 2
2005-04-07 How to manage search engines for Firefox
2005-03-19 How to install totem-xine for Fedora Core 3
2005-03-18 About Fedora Core 4 Test 1
2005-03-16 How to build a custom Adobe Reader 7.0 RPM for FC3
2005-02-26 How to build Clam AntiVirus RPM package for Fedora Core
2005-02-24 How to build HTMLDOC RPM package for Fedora Core
2005-01-06 How to sign your custom RPM package with GPG Key
2005-01-02 How to share a local printer on Linux with Windows using Samba
2004-12-10 Yum Extender for Fedora Core 3
2004-12-08 GYUM 2.0 for Fedora Core 3
2004-12-07 GYUM (Graphical User Interface for YUM) for Fedora Core 3
2004-12-06 How to build OpenAFS 1.3.74 RPM packages for Fedora Core 3
2004-12-02 How to install unsigned development packages with yum in FC3
2004-11-17 How to use remove kernel packages with yum in FC3
2004-11-16 How to use groupinstall for yum in FC3
2004-11-11 How to build your own local mirrorlist for yum in FC3
2004-11-10 How to install GPG Key for yum in FC3
2004-11-09 About Fedora Core 3 Final (Heidelberg)
2004-10-23 Building Gnome BitTorrent Downloader RPM package for Fedora
2004-10-12 About Fedora Core 3 Test 3 (2.92)
2004-10-09 Building RPM package for Single Local User
2004-10-07 Building Metisse RPM package for Fedora Core
2004-10-06 Building Skippy RPM package for Fedora Core
2004-09-26 Building mplayerplug-in 2.70 RPM for Mozilla/Firefox
2004-09-26 Installing Official MPlayer RPM packages for Fedora Core
2004-09-24 Building 3d-Desktop RPM package for Fedora Core
2004-09-23 About Fedora Core 3 Test 2 (2.91)
2004-09-20 Rebuilding Gaim source RPM package for Fedora Core
2004-09-16 Installing Flash Plugin in Firefox Way
2004-09-02 HOWTO add a second hard drive in Fedora Core system
2004-08-26 HOWTO build Thunderbird RPM package for Fedora Core
2004-08-06 HOWTO build Firefox RPM package for Fedora Core
2004-07-31 HOWTO build GYUM Alert Icon (yum-applet)
2004-07-30 GYUM: Graphial User Interface for YUM
2004-07-13 About Fedora Core 3 Test 1 (2.90)
2004-06-16 RealPlayer 10 for Linux
2004-06-04 Fedora Core 2 "The Movie" and the secret "Behind the Story"
2004-05-30 About Fedora Core 2 Final (Tettnang)
2004-05-05 Fedora Core 1 "The Movie"
2004-05-02 About Fedora Core 2 Test 3
2004-04-17 Burning DVD on X-CD-Roast with cdrecord-ProDVD
2004-04-06 Quick Review of Fedora Core 2 Test 2
2004-03-15 How to install DKMS ALSA packages for Fedora
2004-03-06 The Fedora Legacy Project
2004-02-08 UPS for Linux?
2004-02-04 VNC (Virtual Network Computing) 101
2004-02-01 Video - Introducing Python
2004-01-28 Helix Player MS2 (MileStone 2)
2004-01-28 Mars24 - Time on Mars
2004-01-25 Sun Java
2004-01-23 Blackdown Java
2004-01-16 Straw (Destkop News Aggregator)
2004-01-15 How to increase yum speed
2004-01-10 How to create rpmbuild directory
2004-01-08 Fedora Links submitted by Fedora Users
2004-01-06 Acrobat Reader
2004-01-04 How to watch NASA TV on Fedora Core 1
2003-12-30 Flash Player
2003-12-27 Helix Player
2003-12-26 mplayerplug-in
2003-12-14 gnome-pilot
2003-12-13 ogg-vorbis
2003-11-20 up2date
2003-11-15 How to fix rhn-applet
2003-11-15 How to fix yum/up2date 404 Error
2003-11-09 How to use yum - Introduction