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How to fix yum/up2date 404 Error

by Thomas Chung on Nov 15, 2003

This afternoon, I noticed I'm getting following error:

[root@localhost root]# yum check-update
Gathering header information file(s) from server(s)
Server: Fedora Core 1 - i386 - Base
retrygrab() failed for:
  Executing failover method
failover: out of servers to try
Error getting file
[Errno 4] IOError: HTTP Error 404: Not Found

Apprently there is a bug in yum which doesn't handle http redirection properly.
Reported in following bugzilla:

So here is the solution. Update your yum.conf as following:

1. Update /etc/yum.conf as following for [base] and [updates-release]

name=Fedora Core $releasever - $basearch - Base

name=Fedora Core $releasever - $basearch - Released Updates

2. Type "yum check-update" to download new headers

3. Update /etc/sysconfig/rhn/sources as following so you get a visual notification 
   for any updates

#yum fedora-core-1
#yum updates-released
#yum updates-testing

yum fedora-core-1
yum updates-released