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TUTORIAL: Install Eclipse in FC1

For the Eclipse Framework you need a single installation archive, the milestone 6 SDK package. There are two versions, Linux (x86/GTK) and Linux (x86/Motif). In this tutorial we will install GTK, but the basic steps are the same, so choose either one.

From the Eclipse download page you get the archive we need and the md5 checksum.

Be sure to get the SDK package and not the runtime binary. The Eclipse SDK includes the Eclipse Platform, Java development tools, and Plug-in Development Environment, including source and both user and programmer documentation. The runtime binary contains only the Eclipse platform with user documentation and no source and no programmer documentation. The Java development tools and Plug-in Development Environment are not included.

$ wget
$ wget
Verify checksum using the md5sum commandline tool:
$ md5sum -c OK
If the checksums don't match, download the file again.