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Fedora Update

This update can be downloaded from:
This update can be installed with Yum Update Agent; you can type 'yum update' command in the terminal.
This update can also be installed with the Red Hat Update Agent; you can launch the Red Hat Update Agent with the 'up2date' command in the terminal.

[SECURITY] Fedora Core 2 Update: kernel-2.6.6-1.435.2.1

Fedora Update Notification

Product     : Fedora Core 2
Name        : kernel
Version     : 2.6.6                      
Release     : 1.435.2.1                  
Summary     : The Linux kernel (the core of the Linux operating system)
Description :
The kernel package contains the Linux kernel (vmlinuz), the core of any
Linux operating system.  The kernel handles the basic functions
of the operating system:  memory allocation, process allocation, device
input and output, etc.

Update Information:

This security update fixes the remote DoS possibility identified and fixed
by Adam Osuchowski and Tomasz Dubinski in the netfilter code of the 2.6
kernel. Note that this remote DoS can only be triggered when using the
rarely used "-p tcp --tcp-option" options in the netfilter firewall
subsystem. Fedora Core 2 systems are not vulnerable unless the administrator
manually configured this rarely used option.

For more information see

* Thu Jul 01 2004 Arjan van de Ven 

- add patch to fix the ipstables DoS

This update can be downloaded from:

7da0393d672f991b382f7ef2138ae095  SRPMS/kernel-2.6.6-1.435.2.1.src.rpm
b4ce3f92d9528c3a66ddfef9e7ec6c2a  x86_64/kernel-2.6.6-1.435.2.1.x86_64.rpm
eb529813525e2d69bbf2a02fe2d3e6c3  x86_64/kernel-smp-2.6.6-1.435.2.1.x86_64.rpm
08912697eed782dc25ef77d6f6f5533a  x86_64/debug/kernel-debuginfo-2.6.6-1.435.2.1.x86_64.rpm
a913341d990108ec18280c4807e486f5  x86_64/kernel-sourcecode-2.6.6-1.435.2.1.noarch.rpm
4be412b20965720540172c874ec941bd  x86_64/kernel-doc-2.6.6-1.435.2.1.noarch.rpm
aabf6baa884e7030fba4732dd9fffa0c  i386/kernel-2.6.6-1.435.2.1.i586.rpm
2fec496992d7b14da8cbe884b4b67236  i386/kernel-smp-2.6.6-1.435.2.1.i586.rpm
f8f4e2e53f88934bcad82d9a3459b773  i386/debug/kernel-debuginfo-2.6.6-1.435.2.1.i586.rpm
b001aaab73f1cebbbda9ead164a68a1d  i386/kernel-2.6.6-1.435.2.1.i686.rpm
f77451335cc000a2e0268028d188ca61  i386/kernel-smp-2.6.6-1.435.2.1.i686.rpm
ab8370ea8f03e3bbe3381001dd552c80  i386/debug/kernel-debuginfo-2.6.6-1.435.2.1.i686.rpm
a913341d990108ec18280c4807e486f5  i386/kernel-sourcecode-2.6.6-1.435.2.1.noarch.rpm
4be412b20965720540172c874ec941bd  i386/kernel-doc-2.6.6-1.435.2.1.noarch.rpm

This update can also be installed with the Update Agent; you can
launch the Update Agent with the 'up2date' command.