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Fedora Update

This update can be downloaded from:
This update can be installed with Yum Update Agent; you can type 'yum update' command in the terminal.
This update can also be installed with the Red Hat Update Agent; you can launch the Red Hat Update Agent with the 'up2date' command in the terminal.

[SECURITY] Fedora Core 1 Update: mc-4.6.0-8.4

Fedora Update Notification

Name        : mc
Version     : 4.6.0                      
Release     : 8.4                  
Summary     : User-friendly text console file manager and visual shell.
Description :
Midnight Commander is a visual shell much like a file manager, only
with many more features. It is a text mode application, but it also
includes mouse support if you are running GPM. Midnight Commander's
best features are its ability to FTP, view tar and zip files, and to
poke into RPMs for specific files.

* Sat Jan 31 2004 Jakub Jelinek  4.6.0-8.4

- fix previous patch

* Fri Jan 30 2004 Jakub Jelinek  4.6.0-8.3

- update php.syntax file (#112645)
- fix crash with large syntax file (#112644)

* Fri Jan 23 2004 Jakub Jelinek  4.6.0-8.2

- update CAN-2003-1023 fix to still make vfs symlinks relative,
  but with bounds checking

* Sat Jan 17 2004 Warren Togami  4.6.0-8.1

- rebuild for FC1

* Sat Jan 17 2004 Warren Togami  4.6.0-7

- BuildRequires glib2-devel, slang-devel, XFree86-devel,
  e2fsprogs-devel, gettext
- Copyright -> License
- PreReq -> Requires
- Explicit zero epoch in versioned dev dep
- /usr/share/mc directory ownership
- Improve summary
- (Seth Vidal QA) fix for CAN-2003-1023 (Security)