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Fedora Updates: Security Alerts, Bugfixes, and Enhancements

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UPDATE 2004-11-08
As of 2004-11-08, this site is no longer maintained. Please update your RSS feed to

UPDATE 2004-10-24
Please read Security Message from Red Hat

UPDATE 2004-09-14
This site is now Live Bookmarks enabled for Mozilla Firefox. Look for on the bottom right corner of this page to add an RSS feed to your bookmarks. Here is a screenshot for Fedora Updates Live Bookmarks in Action.

(From Fedora Core Terminology Changes)

To distinguish Red Hat Enterprise Linux's formal support offerings from the community-based updates to Fedora Core, we will use the word "updates" rather than "errata" when referring to newer packages released to fix security holes, fix functionality bugs, and add new, additional functionality relative to a release of Fedora Core. (Please keep in mind that Fedora Core is not a supported product of Red Hat.) These updates will be available as part of Fedora Core for two to three months after the release of the next version of Fedora Core; that is; updates for Fedora Core 1 will be provided for two to three months after the release of Fedora Core 2, and so forth.

Fedora Core 2
General Availability: May 18, 2004
Fedora Core 2 Updates
Fedora Core 1
General Availability: Nov 6, 2003
Fedora Core 1 Updates | Fedora Legacy Updates for FC1 As of Sep 20, 2004, Fedora Core 1 has been transferred to the Fedora Legacy Project. See the Official Announcement from Fedora Project.