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MOVIE: Fedora Core 1 "The Movie"

by Thomas Chung on May 5, 2004

Fedora Core 1 "The Movie" is my first flash movie I ever made on Linux to test an open source software. It's about 15 minutes long silent movie to show the entire process of installing Fedora Core 1 from beginning to end.

(Click on the image above to see preview of Fedora Core 1 "The Movie".)

You will need Flash Player to play Fedora Core 1 "The Movie" .

To avoid the overload and for best performance, please download following tarball to your local machine and extract it using Nautilus as shown in this screenshot.

fc1-movie.tgz (4.8 Mb)

Then, open fc1-movie.html using Nautilus as shown in this screenshot to play fc1-movie.swf in Mozilla with flash-plugin.

Enjoy the movie and I'll tell you the Behind the Story for Fedora Core 1 "The Move" when I come back from the trip*.

Behind the Story will include step-by-step tutorials and rpm packages for the open source software I used to create this movie.

Thomas Chung will be out of country for two weeks from May 7th through 21st to attend his own wedding.