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TUTORIAL: Acrobat Reader

Create rpmbuild directory in your home directory if you haven't already.
Move source files to rpmbuild/SOURCES directory and move spec file to rpmbuild/SPECS directory

[tchung@localhost download]$ ls
acroread.desktop  acroread.patch1  acroread.patch2  acroread.png  acroread.spec  linux-508.tar.gz
[tchung@localhost download]$ mv linux-508.tar.gz ~/rpmbuild/SOURCES/
[tchung@localhost download]$ mv *.patch* ~/rpmbuild/SOURCES/
[tchung@localhost download]$ mv *.desktop *.png ~/rpmbuild/SOURCES/
[tchung@localhost download]$ mv *.spec ~/rpmbuild/SPECS/
[tchung@localhost download]$