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Fedora News Alert: Announcements from Fedora Project

UPDATE 2004-11-08
As of 2004-11-08, this site is no longer maintained. Please update your RSS feed to

UPDATE 2004-09-14
This site is now Live Bookmarks enabled for Mozilla Firefox. Look for on the bottom right corner of this page to add an RSS feed to your bookmarks.

See HOWTO add Fedora News Alert news feed to Evolution.

2004-11-08 Announcing the release of Fedora Core 3
2004-10-24 Security Message from Red Hat [SECURITY]
2004-10-11 Fedora Core 3 Test 3 available
2004-09-20 Fedora Core 1 Transferred to Fedora Legacy
2004-09-20 Announcing Fedora Core 3 Test 2
2004-07-13 Announcing Fedora Core 3 Test 1
2004-05-18 Presenting FEDORA CORE 2
2004-04-27 Announcing the third test release of Fedora Core 2
2004-03-29 Fedora Core 2 Test 2 available for x86 and x86-64
2004-02-12 Fedora Core 2 test release 1 now available!
2003-11-06 Announcing Fedora Core 1