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Tutorial: Remote Desktop

by Macklin Stanley Printable

The other day on the Fedora Development mailing list it was mentioned why Fedora Core still uses rdesktop 1.2 rather than 1.3. I found an interesting article about rdesktop 1.3 on NewsForge. There are many graphical frontends to rdesktop, such as grdesktop and my preference tsclient. So, if you're too eager to wait for new packages to be distrubuted, here are some simple steps to downloading and compiling the lastest version of rdesktop and tsclient.

Download the tarball rdesktop-1.3.0.tar.gz from the folowing URL: - rdesktop

And if you want to use tsclient, download the tarball tsclient-0.132.tar.gz or the RPM tsclient-0.132-1.i386.rpm from the following URL:

GnomePro - tsclient