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Installing Mozilla Thunderbird

by Krishnan Subramanian

After reading my review, if you are impressed by the features available in thunderbird and don't know how to install it on your Fedora box, this HOWTO will give you the necessary instructions.

Download Thunderbird from this site. Save the file in /tmp directory. We will install thunderbird in /opt directory.

$ cd /opt
$ sudo tar -jxvf /tmp/thunderbird-0.4-i686-pc-linux-gtk2-gnu.tar.bz2
This will create a directory called thunderbird in /opt
$ ls
JPL  MozillaFirebird  msn  thunderbird  ymessenger
$ cd thunderbird/
$ ls
bloaturls.txt              res
components      shlibsign
defaults              TestGtkEmbed
dirver              thunderbird
elf-dynstr-gc       mangle                  thunderbird-bin
icons          mozilla-config          xpcshell   mozilla-xremote-client  xpicleanup     plugins                 xpidl     libsoftokn3.chk  regchrome               xpt_dump   regxpcom                xpt_link

That is it. Now let us create a link to the desktop. Right click on the desktop and select Create New --> File --> Link to Application (This is using KDE 3.2 rc1). This may be slightly different if you are using GNOME. Now a screen will appear

Give the name as Thunderbird. Click on the icon, select other icons, then browse. A window will appear. Browse to /opt/thunderbird/icons/ and select the icon. Now click on application tab and you will get a screen like this.

Click browse and select /opt/thunderbird/thunderbird. Click ok. Now you are all set to use Mozilla Thunderbird. You can learn about using the thunderbird from this site.