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Fedora Tips

by Krishnan Subramanian

2004-01-27 Fedora Tips 31:
If you've upgraded your install from Red Hat 9 to Fedora Core 1, you will encounter an interesting dilemna when you try and run OpenOffice 1.1 for the first time; namely that it runs an 'installer' app at first run.

The installer instructions are excruciatingly sparse and confusing. Here is what you need to do:

First, remove the ~/.openoffice/ directory from your $HOME.

Then, run the installer, choosing the counter-intuitively described 'Workstation' install, which purports to be for network only. When it asks for the directory to install to, make sure you key in /home/$USER/.openoffice, and NOT the /home/$USER/OpenOffice.org1.1.0/ that it initially suggests.

Once this 'installer' finishes, OOo will run as normal.

Take care to note, that the 'Local' install requires 1.342Gb (yes you read that correctly) of space in your $HOME, and despite the description seeming to indicate that this is what you want... it isn't. - submitted by Scott R. Godin