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Use ssh keys to your advantage : FC1 and FC2

by Daniel Owen

UPDATE: (2004-08-08) I recently received mail that the session preferences have been added back to the applications menu. I imagine it was overlooked in the initial FC2 release.

UPDATE: (2004-05-26) Apparently in FC2 the session entry from the preferences menu has been removed. I have not been able to find the program in the Gnome menus at all. I at first assumed it had just been renamed, but it looks like it's been left out all together. The program hasn't been removed though, to start the session properties, open a terminal, and type gnome-session-properties. this will launch the window you see in the screenshot below.

ssh keys are good way to keep your remote connections secure and to ease the hassle of typing in passwords all the time. Add ssh-agent and ssh-add to your startup programs in your gnome session. This is found via the Applications menu in Preferences/More Preferences.

Now you'll only be asked for the password to your key once when you login.