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Andrew Newman's Column

Andrew Newman has been using/tweaking Red Hat and Mandrake almost religiously since 1996 both at home and work. He's been writing programs in C, C++, Perl and FORTRAN and numerous detailed shell scripts in Linux for quite a while.

Newman is currently working as a geophysicist at Los Alamos National Laboratory, and works on a variety of seismic and geodetic problems related to better understanding geologic hazards.

Geographical Location: New Mexico, United States

2004-03-09 TUTORIAL: APC UPS management with apcupsd UPDATED 2004-03-14
2004-03-05 SHELLS: Define: a google-based command line dictionary
2004-03-02 SHELLS: MyRadar: a companion to myforecast
2004-02-25 SHELLS: MyAmort: a command line mortgage calculator
2004-02-24 SHELLS: MyForecast: a nifty command line driven weather forecast
2004-01-18 TUTORIAL: Connecting a Zaurus SL-5500 UPDATED 2004-01-21