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Gavin Henry's Column

Gavin Henry has been using Linux since 2001, using Redhat 6.0, 7.0, 7.2 and up. He has also used other distros including; Debian, Gentoo, Slackware, Knoppix, Yoper and others, but settled on Fedora Linux at work and at home. He is a core member of the Aberdeen Linux Users Group organising Aberdeen's first two Linux Open Days, and promotes Linux whenever he can.

He has his own Linux company called Suretec Systems Ltd. Please visit his Services and News pages for more information. He has been also helping with the Fedora Documentation Project. He has just finished an update for it with regards to nXML mode with emacs to show that it is easier to use and learn than pSGML mode.

Updated — 5th April 2005

He is now a member of the Fedora Documentation Project Steering Committee

Updated — 28th Feb 2005

He is the author of "Setting up a Secure Proxy Server using Various Technologies", which is now in the Fedora-docs CVS tree and a has CVS access to Fedora Core Extras for the RPMs he looks after:

  • gnome-applet-netmon
  • swatch
  • rdiff-backup
  • librsync
  • john
  • cpan2rpm

You can find him on quite a few IRC channels at Freenode, especially the #fedora ones and as G2 and on the moderating team at as ghenry.

GnuPG KeyID: 0xDB73BEA8

Registered Linux User 231905

Geographical Location: Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom.

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